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New Year, New You...?

C'mon. How many times do we hear this same ole BS line rolled out come January?

The season of excess is often times countered by the promise that 'come January things will be different' (the calendar equivalent to 'Mondays').

Now that's not to say that for many a dietary reset coupled with a bit more movement is a bad thing. Far from it. However the issue with to what degree this needs to be implemented to feel worthwhile.

Full duck or no dinner. Complete 180 degree turnaround. Punishing in every sense.

Behaviour change is often times that intersection between urgency and importance. For many, the post Christmas come down can generate a sense of urgency that lurches us into the extreme.

Pills. Shake style diets. Extremely restrictive intake.

They are the pinnacle of the extreme and without doubt only ever make things worse!

Whilst I have no doubt for some, weight loss is vitally important. My issue is the sacrifice of health, emotional stability, self worth at the altar of weight loss.

Also it is worth remembering, weight is ALWAYS the SYMPTOM. Of poor planning. Of poor sleep. Of diet cycling. Of overly restricted diets. Of emotional management. Of reward deficits.

As a eating disorder dietitian by trade but a non-diet advocate first and foremost, the thing of primary important I would recommend anybody is to take a beat.


What do you need to do first? If you have many priorities, which are the most important and what will wait?

To that end, focusing on additions before anything else should be prioritised.

More water. More whole foods. More nutrients. More planning. More protein. More flavour. More movement. More sleep.

Diet = Deprivation = Resistance = Rebellion

If you do not really drill down into the reasons of why you need to 'diet' in the first place, you are always vulnerable to weight cycling.

The Why is therefore FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the How.

Drop me a line if you want to hear more

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